Company Policies

As a small, online only boutique run by a mother and daughter in Colorado, when you buy from us, we want to make sure you are fully aware of our policies for exchanges and shipping as we cannot offer the same policies as national retailers. 
Products sold via TikTok Shop conform to TikTok Shop Return Policies.

All items sold on are final sales;
we do not allow returns or refunds, but in some circumstances we offer in-store credit.

Delivery Alert

As of 2024 most countries (including the US) are delivering packages at a much slower pace than regular letters, so please be patient.If you need rush shipping, please email us for a quote before placing your order as we might be able to send your package via Fedex or DHL for an additional fee.

Custom Made Clothing

Custom made “bespoke” items do not qualify for refunds nor exchanges as we cannot incorporate these items back into our inventory.
We require that your measurements be taken by a seamstress or tailor to ensure proper fit within a 1-3 cm difference.  Our garments are hand-cut and handmade. Please provide the measurements on a dressmaker's business form as proof that they've been taken professionally.
If a dress does not fit because of your measurement errors, then you will be fully responsible for the cost of alterations.  
For size issues of items that are custom-fit that are significantly over or under this 1-3 cm tolerance we will work to come up with a plan to address the issue. If the dress size did not arrive in the specifications you ordered within a 1-3 cm allowance, you can choose to make the adjustments at a local tailor, in which case we will reimburse the tailoring costs as long as the costs does not exceed 10% of the original price. If the tailoring costs exceed 10% of the original price of the dress, we will reimburse only up to the amount equal to 10% of the dress's original cost, excluding shipping and tax. 
We are not liable for any additional customization to your garment you wanted which was not specifically requested prior to production of your dress or suit to include items such as a specific fabric type, adding or removing elements not on the outfit as shown on our site, lining, boning, laces, buttons or zippers and so forth.  Please be very thorough when sending us your customization details, so we send you a garment you will be happy with.
We require any issues you have with the custom made product to be thoroughly outlined in an email with detailed photographic proof within 24 hours of receiving it by your delivery person.  Indicate what you requested of us and the explanation of what was not made to your specifications in writing.  For support of your claim, we request that you send detailed close-up photos of the issue, full-length photos of the garment’s front and back and sides, full-length and close-ups documenting the product’s actual measurements with the garment lying perfectly flat with the zero on the tape and the final measurement number shown clearly without being cut off or blurry.  Failure to respond with this clear statement of the issue and accompanying photographic evidence of your claims within 36 hours will result in a forfeiture of compensation.  We strive to solve any issues within a week’s time with our seamstresses.

Exclusions from Exchange or Refund

We do not permit exchanges or refunds of the following items for reasons of hygiene or inability to resell them: Customized gowns/suits, hats, undergarments, swimsuits, earrings or hair ornaments.  

Exchanges - Quality Issues

For quality issues, such as a major product defect, you must notify us within 24 hours of receiving the item.  Please take clear photos of the defect and the full length of the item front and back and email it to us for review, at a, our instant messenger service does not show us your photos, so they must be emailed.
Upload multiple photos that clearly demonstrate the problem with the item as well as full-length photos of the item front and back when requesting an exchange of an off-the-rack item due to poor quality. 
For an exchange of a defective item, please provide detailed photographs and as many written details as possible to us at
Colors appear differently on computer monitors, so please be cognizant of this before ordering, this is not a defect.  Also some of our gowns have sheer chests with nipple covers and sheer waists, this is a style element and is not considered a defect.  
Shipping costs for exchange items are the purchaser's responsibility.  Please wait for exchange instructions by email from us before shipping the item back. This may take a few days.
Once the exchange is approved, please provide item return tracking information to us by email to once the package has been mailed to the appropriate warehouse.  This must be done within 2 days of mailing or the exchange will be denied by the warehouse; we have no recourse in this case.  Note that receipt of the exchange item may take 1-4 weeks depending on when the item is received by the warehouse by the postal carrier.  Without proof of receipt by the warehouse we cannot provide an exchange.

Exchanges - Size Issues

We can not process any products that are returned directly to us without prior return for exchange authorization.  Most products will need to be returned to the originating warehouse to be restocked. Please email us at for return policy inquiries.

For off-the-rack items, we must be notified within 24 hours of product delivery of a size issue.  We will do our best to help you with an exchange for the exact item you ordered in a different size, if it is available.  Otherwise, we can offer you store credit if the size you need is not available or the item is Out Of Stock.  If you were sent the wrong color item by the warehouse, we will work to get the correct color sent to you in exchange for the incorrect one you received.  If the color you want is not in stock, we can provide you with store credit once the item is returned. 
PROOF:  Please provide a photo of the size tag or the item's color with an explanation by email at This must be done within 24 hours of receiving the item.
Once the exchange is approved, please provide tracking information by email to as soon as the package has been mailed to the appropriate warehouse.  This must be done within 2 days of your approved exchange request or the exchange will be denied by the warehouse. We have no recourse after 48 hours as the warehouse will not hold a replacement item for the customer without proof the original item is being returned promptly.  Once tracking is showing up by the postal carrier, we will send the exchange item to you.
Note that return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


We do not sell or share our customer information with any other businesses.

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