Customer Photo Album

Customer photos and reviews - 

More photos can be found on our Instagram page at @ALarkAndALady.

Olga's Gown (Castellanosphotodesign)

Dress for Olga of Catellanos Photo Design Inc. 

Sarah's custom wedding gown

Sarah's custom two-tone wedding dressSarah's custom two-tone wedding dress

Emma's Custom Prom Gown

Emma's custom prom gown

 Caroline's Sweet 16 Gown (portrait by Victor Morales Photography)

Caroline's Sweet 16 Gown (Photo by Victor Morales Photography)

Katrina's Birthday Dress

 Katrina's birthday dress

Robin's Birthday Dress

Robin's birthday dress

Find more of Robin's fun photos here:

Interested in what Professional Model (and our customer) Kelsey Adams of @Koolkelsey, is recommending on her Instagram page?  These posts and images can be seen on our product pages and on her Instagram page @KoolKelsey.

Our accessories and clothing modeled by Kelsey:

This is one of our favorite reels and a top selling skirt:  Tulle Tutu Skirt & Coffee Reel



Gloves - Many products of our products can be found on Instagram @ALarkAndALady. 

Follow @KoolKelsey for more fashion inspiration.

Parasols & Gloves:  Parasol 



Parasol & Gloves reel




Gloves Reel #2



Gloves Reel #3







More Gloves 



More Gloves





Handbag - Check out our Bali Style Handbags 




Handbag for a Jamaican beach vacation 



Look #2 


A Handbag to go along with our shoe obsession 


Travel Handbag Inspiration


Beachside Hotel Handbag 


Summer Lovin' Handbag 1  



Summer Lovin' Handbag 2



Shoes: Trenchcoat & Shoes




Look #7



Shoes - Our Beautiful Bowknot Heels



More Shoes - Our Black & White Plaid Strappy Heels



A Top Seller in Shoes:  Pineapple Paradise High Heels