Return and Refund Policies

1. When you buy from us, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied. For quality issues, such as a product defect, you must notify us within 2 days of receiving the item.  Please take clear photos of the defect and email it to us for review,  You can ask for an exchange or a refund; but please provide the reason for your return and include as many details as possible, upload photos that clearly demonstrate the problem with the item when requesting a refund or exchange due to poor quality.  Shipping costs for returned items are the purchaser's responsibility.  Please wait for return mail instructions by email from us before shipping the item.  Please provide tracking information by email to once the package has been mailed to the appropriate warehouse.  Note that refunds can take 1-4 weeks depending on when the item is received by the warehouse.

2. For 
size issues, if the dress size did not arrive in the specifications you ordered, you can choose to make the adjustments at a local tailor, in which case we will reimburse the tailoring costs as long as the costs does not exceed the original price of the dress by 10%. If the tailoring costs exceed the original price of the dress by 10%, we will reimburse only up to the amount equal to 10% of the dress's original cost.  If a dress does not fit because of your measurement errors, then you will be fully responsible for the cost of alterations.


3.  Please note that custom made gowns based on your specific measurements or fabric choices and alterations cannot be returned for a refund nor exchanged.

4. Please note that we can not process any products that are returned directly to us without prior return authorization.  Most products will need to be returned to the originating warehouse. Please email us at for return policy inquiries.


5.  We are happy to help you with an exchange for the exact item you ordered in a different size or if you were sent the wrong color item.  Please provide a photo of the size tag or the item's color with an explanation by email at  When you return the item, please include a note stating that you wish to exchange the item, the reason for the exchange and the particulars regarding the new size or color you require.  Note that return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


6.  We do not provide refunds due to slow shipping times, but only for products not received within 60 days.